Video - "Mac or PC" Rap Music Video - Mac vs PC

Videa Zetor UŘ I "Mac or PC" Rap Music Video - Mac vs PC

"Mac or PC" Rap Music Video - Mac vs PC

Get the song on iTunes - Subscribe to our channel at Pantless Knights Productions is bringing you its debut project "Mac or PC" whether you like it or not. Video directed by David Fine. Video produced by Peter Furia & Beau Lewis. Lyrics by Furia & Beau-J. Music by Pete Nos. LYRICS: I'm a right-clicka I'm an iBook flippa Macs and PCs - no fight gets bigga Surf Safari or browse in IE Better know what you rep(resent) - a Mac or PC! USB 1-2.0, son, you don't know watch my data flow From MS-DOS command line prompts Black backgrounds, no special sauce Well I've only been around since '84 But my ease of use has done so much more From a Plus to a Classic to a II GS To a PowerPC, my OS is the best So clickable, design is lickable My aqua interface makes XP dispicable Quick I pull the RAM stick out the slot Then I swap it with generic cause the port is hot If you see life through an LCD Betta know your brand is it a Mac-or-PC? Take a look at Vista enjoy the view I suggest Premium or the ultimate skew cop a Dell with a graphics card - super fast turn the aero on and lick the glass Tiger's fast as hell But Leopard's got the boom Time machine is mad mean you're absurd - what's a zune? Middle name: innovate All features integrate Now stay the hell out of my developers' conferences! Nonsenses - I'm networking You're not working Stop staring at your built-in webcam YouTube surfing Ha! 1000 views is pretty fresh ComputerGal36 even says I'm the best He is the best with ...

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