Video - Zetor Forterra 120 HSX cabincam testdrive

Videa Zetor Forterra Zetor Forterra 120 HSX cabincam testdrive

Zetor Forterra 120 HSX cabincam testdrive

Zetor Forterra 120 HSX cabincam Performance, endurance, total cost of ownership Forterra hsx is equipped with the latest technology: The latest power shuttle generation, new five-speed gearbox with three-stage multiplier, also more powerful hydraulic system, hitchtronic three-point hitch controls, lcd display, longer wheel base for better tractor stability, new seat and more. This is the ultimate package of performance, endurance and total cost of ownership from Zetor. Gearbox The new five-speed gearbox with a three-stage torque multiplier and power shuttle offers 30 speeds forward and 30 reverse, as well as automatic shifting of the torque multiplier. New gear shift controls make gear shifting easier. Cab An LCD-display instrument panel with information content for an operator and a CAN protocol electronics for easy serviceability. A safety switch in the driver's seat for the operator's safety. Engine Forterra HSX tractors are equipped with 16-valve engines known for high torque (torque backup more than 36 %) and low fuel consumption. Hydraulic system and PTO Two auxiliary cylinders of the hydraulic system ensure uniform load distribution on the tractor and lifting force up to 70 kN. Forterra HSX models are equipped with the latest technology of the automatic HitchTronic three-point suspension control. KW: zetor forterra 120 pto hsx tier 4 3 engine power hp kw pk koppel agrio uitgeverij video epic humor fun lol fail rekkerweb landbouwfilmpjes trekkers trekker tractor ...



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